The Process

Making your mark stand above the others.

At we pride ourselves in offering laser etching services that will last as long as the products they are on.  With high quality laser machines being used, we guarantee our customers will be satisfied with our results.

UV Printing Now Available

This process allows for the ability to match any Pantone color while printing in the RBG or CMYK pallet.  UV printing is fast, flexible, and a great way to print full color applications on a wide range of materials.  While UV printing is extremely durable, please note that it is not dishwasher safe.

Stainless Applications

Stainless marked products, like YETI Ramblers & RTIC tumblers, are what we specialize in. During our process, we coat the stainless with a marking solution that allows the laser to etch the black into the stainless while keeping the depth of the etch to a minimum. This step is incredibly important as it allows the products to keep their structural integrity, while giving a permanent marking to the surface.

Coated Stainless Applications

Laser engraving coated surfaces, such as powder coating or paint, lead to some pretty amazing results .  We are able to blast off the top coat allowing the stainless to shine through giving your product a very unique look that you will love.  This process also works fast than the normal stainless application, as it does not require the marking solution.

Logo Work

Keep in mind that your custom logo must easily convert to black and white for the best results.   We request that all logos be sent in either the original .ai or .eps file format.  If those formats are not available, a high resolution .jpg or even a .pdf file will usually work.  Please contact us if you have any questions about your logo and we will be happy to assist you in any way. – Making you special with stainless steel!